Comcast Business Internet Review 2020

Comcast Business Internet Review

Comcast is one of the top business internet providers in the country. If you are planning to get the internet for your new business, here is something worth reading. Before you get confused with comcast business phone reviews, go through this detailed review. Here is a brief write-up including pricing, plans, highlights and drawbacks of buying Comcast business internet plans. is publishing unbiased reviews based on honest research of our expert. Comcast is having a powerful presence in certain regions. It is providing various DSL and fiber connections all over the country. The services of Comcast cover almost 40 states in the North West, Mid-West, South, and the West.

Comcast Business Internet Plans

Before we move on to the reviews, learn the Comcast business internet pricing and plans. The plans and pricing are subject to change with time.

Business Internet PlanStarting PriceDownload SpeedUpload SpeedKey Features
StarterUS$ 69.95 per month25 Mbps5 MbpsGreat for small online transactions, e-mails, and browsing
StandardUS$ 99.95 per month75 Mbps15 MbpsDaily tasks like email, downloads, and uploads
Advanced 150US$ 139.95 per month150 Mbps20 Mbps

Great for streaming video and audio files and intensive browsing

Advanced 300US$ 199. 95 per month300 Mbps25 MbpsSpeedy downloads on multiple gadgets and backups
BlazingUS$ 499.95 per month1 GB35 MbpsGreat for cloud-based applications and connecting multiple users and devices

Above plans also carry free installation with a trial period of 30 days and money-back guarantee during the trial period. Customers also get Comcast business apps for and manage their accounts to get unique services. Wi-fi hotspots and WiFi-pro are also available with these plans. Customers can also get a comcast business phone system reviews by paying an additional charge with voice mobility.

Apart from high-speed internet plans, Comcast also offers exciting bundles and packages. It gives you TV channels and voice lines for your employees and customers. However, compared to other similar networks like AT&T and others, Comcast plans are on bit higher side.

Comcast – Speed, Reliability and Customer Service

Comcast offers good plans and packages for small and medium-sized businesses. In spite of bit higher price, Comcast is a good option due to customer support and reliability. Comcast intent offers wider reliability and connectivity with stable high speed. Fortunately, the provider offers one of the most reliable speed and connectivity after the topmost providers of the country.

Comcast customer service for the business internet is quite satisfactory and responsive. As per the research of comcast business reviews, Comcast‛s Xfinity has a poor record when it comes to customer service. If you are a business opting for Comcast business internet, you do not need to worry about these bad reviews. Customers can also check reviews for AT&T, Verizon, and another internet for small businesses at our blog.

All the confusions related to Comcast customer service is often due to two brands and brand mixing. If you are going by online reviews, learn whether the reviews are targeted to Xfinity residential service or Comcast business internet.

What is Comcast and Xfinity Services?

Xfinity is Comcast‛s division offering TV, internet, and phone services for residential consumers. Unlike Comcast business internet rates, Xfinity services are very notorious. Xfinity internet services are one of the reliable and fast services for residential consumers. It offers speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 GB for the majority of the regions in the country.

In certain regions, Xfinity customers also get blazing 2 GB speed. The speed is consistent and fast for users. However, it does have its own hitches when it comes to customer service. However, there have been conscious efforts to improve the services too. Hence, Comcast and Xfinity are different brands from the same company with Comcast being the parent company. Xfinity is also a cable TV service with premium channels and exciting deals for the consumers.

Why you Should Choose Comcast for Business Internet?

If you are looking to buy Comcast internet plans, much depends upon your location. Check if Comcast has strong connectivity in your location. If it is so, you will have many valid reasons for choosing it. If you are a small business with basic internet need, the basic plan starting with US$ 69.95 is the best. Further packages of Comcast will also suit your bigger requirements too. If you have around 10 or more than 10 employees, Comcast business internet 150 is also a great option.

If you are a medium-sized or small business needing blazing speeds, Comcast also offers 1 GB speed. In short, Comcast fulfills diverse speed requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. Businesses get good speed, connectivity, and customer support to run a business without any hassles.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Comcast Business Internet

Likewise every Business Internet Service Provider, Comcast also has its unique strengths and weaknesses. Customers have good news as the plans offer higher benefits. Small and medium-sized businesses can run their businesses smoothly with this ISP.

Key strengths of Comcast-

  • 24 hours customer support
  • Reliable speed and connectivity
  • Diverse plans/speed for businesses
  • No data caps
  • Available WiFi services and Hotspot
  • Free professional installation
  • Billing credits for downtime
  • Free trial of 30 days plus a money-back guarantee

Drawbacks of Comcast compared to similar business networks-

  • Prices on the higher side compared to other powerful providers
  • Lack of fiber optic plans
  • Confusing customer reviews
  • Not good for remote and rural regions

The main reason for opting for comcast voice mobility reviews is that it is specifically built for small businesses. It fulfills the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses very well. If you want to consider something leaving Verizon and AT&T, there is nothing better than Comcast. Compared to the other two ISP’s, Comcast is reasonable and good for small businesses. would love to receive views and experiences of the readers. We are updating information and reviews related to the major TV, phone, and internet providers of the country. Before you choose cell phone plans and internet for your business, do remember to visit our website.

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