Which Business Phone System is Best for You?


Every service you choose silently impacts the overall efficiency and productivity of your business. A perfect phone system is one of the essential factors contributing to your business. Finding the right business phone system can be difficult. This post gives you the top picks and helps you choose your best business phone system.

This post gives you a deep peek into the best office phone systems. Every business is unique and hence the right system may vary for different businesses. This short but accurate guide will help you to know which one is the best fit for your business.

Top Business Phone Systems for Small Businesses in 2020

A business phone system helps you in tracking missed calls, overall usage time, and in recording calls. Office phone system not only allows you to communicate with your clients but also connects your internal departments.

Here are our top picks for 2020 which are offering the best benefits for small businesses.

#1. Ring Central

Ring Central is a popular cloud phone system service for the businesses of all sizes. The provider offers feature-packed phone systems easing up the process of doing business. Ring central phone offers all the basic features required to do business without any hassle. The customers can have caller ID, call recording, call waiting, auto-attendant, call forwarding, call sharing, transferring, and much more. Advanced features include screen sharing for the video meetings and integration with Dropbox and G-suite services.

Ring Central Plans and Pricing-

  • Essentials – Starts with US$ 19.99 per month per user
  • Standard – Starts with US$ 24.99 monthly per user
  • Premium – Starts with US$ 34.99 per month per user
  • Ultimate – Starts with US$ 49.99 per month per user.

The plans offer various features like unlimited calls, video calling, voicemail to text, toll-free minutes, and video conferencing.

#2. Nextiva

Nextiva offers the best business phone systems if you are looking for abundant features and low-cost solution. The company offers quick set up of system at affordable pricing with plethora of features. Small businesses have ease of using the system without huge investment.

Nextiva Plans and Pricing-

  • Basic – Begins with US$ 20 per month per user
  • Pro – As low as US$ 25 per month per user
  • Enterprise – Begins with US$ 30 per month per user

The Nextiva plans serve as the best business office phone system as well as customer relationship suite. This voice over internet protocol service offers online faxing, texting, unlimited domestic calling, voicemail to text and email, and other features. Businesses can also have standard features like call forwarding, greetings, caller ID, and routing. Advanced features like live chat and call analytics are also available.

#3. Grass Hopper

Grass Hopper is the best VOIP phone service and wonderful for the small-sized businesses and small entrepreneurs. The company offers apps to manage and track your account. Grass Hopper offers toll-free numbers, call forwarding, routing, recording, customer greetings, voicemail to email, and other basic features. If you are a business working with remote teams, Grass Hopper is good for you. You can add extensions that can be used from desktop applications and mobile applications.

Grass Hopper Plans and Pricing-

  • Solo – Starts with US$ 16 per month
  • Partner – starts US$ 44 per month
  • Small Business – starts with US$ 80 per month

The plans include business texting, desktop apps, mobile apps, WiFi calls, inbound faxing, custom greetings, voicemail, unlimited talking, and other standard features.

If you are a small-sized business, you can also consider 8×8 and Ooma phone services. The modern phone systems offer much more beyond receiving and making phone calls. When you are choosing your phone system service, focus on the way the system will help you to stay connected as per your needs. Determine your calling needs and make sure your employees will also stay connected internally with the system. The system should also be supporting advance features that will help you to communicate with your associates in a smart way. We are sure the write-up will help you to choose the best phone system for small business.

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