Spectrum Mobile from Spectrum Telecom

Spectrum Mobile from Spectrum Telecom

Spectrum Telecom has come up with yet another market equalizer with Spectrum Mobile. They are offering their mobile services for a low of $45/line and that is flat price for any number of lines. There needs to be separate connection for phone and tablet. This seems competitive and not very low but the line includes 20 GB of high speed data and reduced speed after that. The quota of high speed at this price point is unmatched by any other provider currently. The line comes with unlimited calling all over US, Canada and Mexico, unlimited texts and data. The offer also has something for people who use less data, the customer can opt for the per gig plan and pay just $14/gig and get the service and that is definitely a great saving.

The customer has the choice of bringing his phone to the provider or just lease phone from Spectrum Mobile store. The rates are also very affordable with iPhone 11 going available for just $29.17, iPhone 11 Pro Max available for just $45.84 and Galaxy Note 10+ available for just 45.84. They also have some iPad options available like iPad 7th Generation starting at $19.13, iPad mini at $20.50 and iPad Air at 23.59. These are 24 month leases available at no extra cost on device. All color and data variants are available but most commonly used is the 64 GB model.

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