Pros and Cons of Hosted Phone Systems for a Business

Pros and Cons of Hosted Phone Systems for a business

What is a hosted phone system?

The question is whether you should switch to it or not. As more and more components of the modern day work move towards cloud, the entrepreneurs face a lot of confusion as to switch to cloud services and the hosted apps or not. The first one on your list would be the telephone system. In order to help you in determining whether opting would be a good idea for the business or not, below are some of the pros as well as cons of the hosted phone system.

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Pro- enjoy additional savings with the help of low setup as well as cost of call

Investing in the hosted system costs prominently less as compared to having several landlines or the on premises PBX. The phones are plug and play and this means that there is need of being a professional for getting the service up and working. All the hardware of tested well in advance by the service provider, for guaranteeing the compatibility with the network.

Con- Hardware should be compatible with the network

Not every phone is built for the VoIP phone. In case your phone is not IP enabled, you’ll have to buy new ones for switching the hosted telephone service. You would also need bigger router, Ethernet ports, Ethernet cords, etc.

Fortunately, the cost for renting or buying the VoIP ready telephones has reduced prominently. It gives the small businesses and solopreneurs an access to the advanced functionalities of the phone without spending excess money during the phase of startup.

Pro- supports the flexible arrangements of work

For the small size businesses, hosted business phone system or service signifies big savings on rental plan because there is no need of looking for any office which supports complex as well as bulky equipment. Luckily, it is possible to setup fully featured phone system for a business even when you are running the business from your home.

Con- The quality of call depends on the internet service

One of the biggest issue that restricts the businessmen from purchasing cloud based telephone are questions about quality of phone calls. The main issues with free VoIP services like Skype and any other apps could be the cause for the misconception. Actually, VoIP calls may also be effective if not better than analog calls.

Pro- access good level of help with specialists of that business

The residential call services are known for multiple transfers, long holds, extremely low service quality, etc. While the business depends on availability of the phones, you will need the help of specialists immediately.

Con- power outages might affect the phone service

The issues of the grid as well as power surges might disrupt the hosted phone service. Unlike the analog phone system that has alternate power sources in built the landline, the VoIP hardware does not. However, just a bit of some planning may help in keeping the system running in spite the issues of power.

For any business which wants to keep itself competitive and relevant, switching to cloud is future. Very soon, the hosted phone service would be the most obvious option for the businesses. With extremely easy workarounds to disadvantages of the hosted phone system, the benefits are much more than cons.

Adapting a business grade phone system could be quite daunting. But, the whole process does not need to be stressful or costly. The main thing is finding an efficient service provider which would tailor the service as per the needs of your business and not other way.

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