T1 Speed vs. Cable Internet: Which will give your Small Business a boost?


There are various pros as well as cons of every business internet services. T1 speed vs. cable lines has various factors that affect the uptime, speed, packet loss, latency as well as repairing time frame. Once you learn about such issues it is possible to state which one is better for your budget as well as needs.

Performance as well as cost of T1 Internet Speed

Now you must be thinking what is t1 internet and what does t1 internet mean?? Keeping apart the t1 internet speed, a thing is a high cost. But, the dedicated connection as compared to the traditional telephone network. The t1 connection speed is fixed and doesn’t vary on the basis of the business internet service provider or the location. They are 1.54 Mbps download or 1.54 Mbps directly.

The T1 lines along with Services Level Agreement that assures all the aspects of performance as well as speed, and also provides compensation in case the metrics aren’t fulfilled. The performance, as well as speed, are available with a packet loss, downtime as well as a low latency.

Advantages of T1 Line

There are a lot of advantages of t1 line and the service problems as well as outages are quite rare. The Kites Telecom network is built with high redundancy level and repair to the other parts of the network doesn’t affect the other users. The internet service of T1 is suited for different applications which need QoS including video, VoIP, VPN, etc. T1 service is expensive but reliable for all business types. When it comes to t1 speed vs. cable, if there is a need for higher speed, then you may go for other options such as Ethernet internet, Bonded T1, DS3 line.

Performance as well as cost of cable

The business class internet services are low in cost, have a high bandwidth through a coax cable line. The speed of the business cable based on the service provider in the area as well as the capabilities of the network. Typically, there is at least 10 Mbps downloading as well as 1 Mbps of uploading speed.

Cable net for the business is the best efforts service which means that they don’t provide any guarantee on the performance of the service. Also, a lot of users share the network in your locality such as LAN. Thus, when you purchase any package speed during the peak time of usage, you will just get a small fraction of cable speed because of the congestion of the network.

Another problem that you might encounter along with the business cable net is high latency. This signifies that data will take a longer time for getting from the Point A to the point Z. This may lead to a delay in connecting as well as problems with the quality of the VoIP call. The loss of a packet is higher which means that the packets of cable net data drop and do not reach their expected destination, leading to dropped VoIP call or timeout.

Reliability of the cable internet

Repairing time, as well as reliability time frame, are some of the most popular problems of cable internet users. The outages occur at least 2 to 3 times a month. This is mainly because when the business cable service provider does the maintenance work on the network in your locality such as LAN, it also affects the other users of the network.

The repairing time frame is typically much longer for getting technical onsite for the issue which is why it’s known as “Best Effort” service. Cable for providing internet to the business is a low-cost option for a high bandwidth needs. But, there’re a number of risks as well as performance problems which need to be considered. In most of the cases, cable net isn’t suggested for larger businesses without backup connection and separate VoIP.

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