How fast is a T1 Line? And T1 Internet Speed

T1 Internet Line and it’s Speed

What is a T1 line?

T1 internet is a wonderful option which helps in keeping a number of computers connected to internet at a high speed of internet. It is extremely important because for every business whether big or small, time is most important. But it has been often seen that it is a little difficult to differentiate between different types of net connections. Below is an in depth explanation for the same.

T1 Line for Home Internet & Business Internet

The first and the most important thing to be noted here is how fast is a t1 line? The T1 line of internet is basically a fibre optic connection line which carries the data at an extremely fast speed of about 1.44 Megabits/second. In other words it is 192,000 bits/second. T1 internet lines helps in carrying the data about 60% quicker as compared to the home modem.

T1 internet line may be split efficiently in 24 different channels which are meant for voice as well as data making it an efficient option for the small size businesses and maybe used in the homes which require different channels. It is an effective and fast internet connector which is safe as well as cost efficient. In case you employ different types of channels for data and voice files, then the speed of your internet may reduce. However, when you have T1 channels for ending data, there will be no variation in the speed of data.

What Speed is T1 Internet for Business?

No business can afford a slow speed internet and that is why T1 internet is preferable for them because of t1 internet speed. A mere nuisance at our home may cause severe issues for small businesses. When you are not able to respond to your customers quickly, they might go to some other business for fulfilling their needs. Also, the morale as well as productivity might take a huge hit when your team needs to wait because of sluggish internet connection for uploading the data or for sending the images to the social media. As per a study conducted by SanDisk, on an average every employee loses at least a week of productivity simply because of a slow speed of internet. So, it is quite clear that you need a high speed connection for your business.

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The best option for a small business

You are thinking what speed is t1 internet? Well for some of the businesses, T1 is the best solution. But, for many others, it might not be the best option. The T1 internet connection employs a well dedicated line to the business. Thus you do not share the bandwidth with anyone else like you need to do with other traditional cable net. The T1 lines, were first introduced around 1960s.

While the telecom providers used the T1 lines originally for transmitting the voice calls, they are now transmitting the data across different lines too. The T 1 installation employs an optical fibre lines and not the traditional copper wire. The fibre optic lines help in delivering the signals quickly and reliably which is not possible with the copper lines.

Benefits of T1 Line for Home Internet and Businesses

An important aspect of T1 internet is that it is dependable and consistent. Since you are the sole user, the connection would not slow down. T1 internet comes with service level agreements ensuring uptime of the service. In case your business has critical needs for internet connectivity, then dependable bandwidth of internet is extremely important. Thus, if your business also runs and depends majorly on internet, then T1 internet connection is the answer for you.

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