Problems with Switching Providers

Problems with Switching Providers

It is not uncommon for people, businesses and organizations to switch over their phone, internet and TV providers. Companies float hundreds of promotions every month and most of the times one could get a better deal than what they are using but with years of experience we can say that it is easier said than done. Switching providers can become a nightmare due to the following common problems.

– Number not getting releases by the other provider

You agreed to a deal with company A signed paper work and asked them to proceed with switching your phone (keeping the same number), Internet and TV. The switching company (B) follows the due process and gives you an installation date. The date is given keeping in mind the time frame agreed upon by the previous company to release the customers number. Date comes but the original company does not release the number. The technician will cancel the visit and your installation will NOT take place. Now you have to call again and communicate with the new company and find the reason of cancellation. Approach your old company and clear the issues and restart the switching process. This is atleast 2-3 hours on phone chasing support reps, a headache best to be left to the sales person.

– Phone disconnected from earlier provider and not connected to the new one

This is classic problem and a very scary one. We have come across many situations wherein the old provider disconnected a number and the new provider could not switch it over. It is as if the ball was hit high to the player standing deep and he missed the catch. The problem with this situation is the old provider just tells the customer that they have left the number and the new provider says that they have not received it yet. Sometimes the installation gets delayed for a reason and even that can lead to this situation. In such situations the sales person can come in very handy and help communicate with both the providers to find out where the process is stuck. We have solved innumerable such cases and every time the customer was happy to clear the mess without much damage.

– Your phone system not compatible

Businesses sometimes have very old phone systems. Either their devices are not compatible with the new phone lines, else they are using the old copper line phones and the new digital phones do not working in their network, or they have an old ePBX system which needs an upgrade. With the advent of VOIP Lines the technology has changed a lot. Most of the phones are now running on Internet these days. The user gets more features and they are easier to manage. We make sure we discuss the customers phone systems before placing an order so there is no confusion and delay at the time of installation.

– Existing Contract

Many customers know and most don’t that they already have a contract with the existing provider. There is an early termination fees (ETF) for breaking this contract which is normally the months left in the contract multiplied by a fixed denominator. Customers need to be very vigilant about not switch over before they have clarified this with their existing provider. They could also weigh in the benefit of switching over by matching the savings to the ETF. We make sure we have asked this question to the customer so that they remember if they are bound by any contract or not.

– Technician not arriving on time

Technicians are a stretched lot. They are always few in number as companies cannot hire more permanent technicians for install. Many times they are delayed at an install due to various reasons, most of which are related to wiring at a facility, due to this delay all the other installations lined up for that day will get delayed. The customer should be in touch with the salesperson and keep him informed about any such delays. We as a salesperson make sure that we are in constant touch with the customer and the technician to see to it that they arrive on time. Customer spare their precious time for this event and we do not want to waste their time trying to get it done.

– Permission required to lay lines in your building

When taking a new service it is always advisable to check if there is permission required for wiring inside. When the technician arrive at your premises they have to bring the wire into your business so that you get the best wired connection. The wire is normally brought into with the help of the box fixed outside the building and sometimes through overhead connection. In any case there is an issue if the building requires permission. Most customers only come to know about this requirement after they have placed the order. In such situations we communicate with the building manager and get the customer involved to get a “Right to Entry” signed. This is the authorization that providers require to start their work at the building.

– First bill coming way too high

The first bill that you receive after taking the new service is ALWAYS higher than expected. Do not panic and just call us and we will explain. The first bill is always prorated and has the installation charges in it, due to this it is very high. Let’s assume you get the installation done on the 15th of a month and the bill is generated on the 16th of the same month you will receive the bill for around 45 days when you see it i.e. 15 days of current month and another 30 odd days for the next month. The bill will also have a one- time installation of $99 so all this together will make it very high.

– Amount due at the location by the previous owner

A peculiar problem with new businesses is that they have taken over the property and outstanding bills from the old business. Many times old customers leave the location and forget to pay the phone bill which was due. The line gets disconnected and the new owner orders another provider. When we talk to such customers they express interest in the provider we are selling but only to find out that their location is on the blacklist due to non-payment of dues. Remember irrespective of name change on the property the due amount remains as the companies these days do not consider the name but only the address while giving new service. In such cases we try to negotiate with the company and also make the customer understand the reason. Many customers pay as they see higher savings by make a small payment.

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