Best High-Speed Internet Providers for Small Businesses 2020


The faster the better is the new mantra of the modern digital age. When it comes to internet access, speed is inevitable. With an overwhelming number of options available, it is likely to get confused. This post shows you the small business high speed internet providers suitable for small businesses in 2020.

If you are looking for excellent download speed, here are the best internet providers. The providers are offering the best price and speed with total consistency. Though, the plans and packages may vary with locations, these are the most dependable solutions for your need for high-speed access. Consistent speed enables the entrepreneurs to do business without any stress.

Best Small Business Internet Providers of 2020

Here is a list of top small business internet service providers. The presence of these companies may vary in different parts of the country. But these companies provide services with optimum reliability and support.

#1 AT&T

AT&T business internet offers numerous plans specially designed for small businesses. The pricing and the plans start from $60 per month for the speed of 25 Mbps. Small businesses can also choose 50 Mbps plan which costs around $85 per month. The bigger plan is good when you need to share bandwidth with a bigger group of employees.

Key Features of AT&T Plans-

  • Excellent and consistent speed
  • 2 years contracts
  • Speed up to 500 Mbps
  • Customized plans for small and medium-sized businesses

#2 Verizon

Verizon is one of the best ISP providers with excellent speeds. The company offers extremely high speed for businesses. Verizon is also known for offering high speed suitable for small businesses at significantly low cost. The plans starts from $ 79.99 per month and 75 Mbps speed.

Key Features of Verizon-

  • Top quality speed
  • Up to 500 Mbps speed
  • 800/980 Mbps in selected areas
  • 2 years contracts
  • Monthly plans available

#3 Frontier

Frontier offers budget-friendly best internet service for small business. It offers very flexible plans without contracts. The suitable plans for businesses start from $ 49.99. Check the main benefits of choosing Frontier. If you are looking for a low-priced plan for high internet speed, Frontier is the best ISP.

  • Best low-budget plans
  • No contract plans
  • Monthly prices
  • Plans available for 30 to 150 Mbps
  • No phone commitments

However, customers do complain about certain latency and interruptions in activities like streaming. Even though it may certain hitches, it is surely the most cost-effective option.

#4 Comcast Xfinity

Comcast is the best business internet service provider offering consistent high-speed internet for the businesses. Though Comcast does not serve budget plans, it is quite competitive against ISPs like Verizon. Comcast plans start from $49.99 per month for 25 Mbps. Bigger plans up to 1000 Mbps are available for the businesses.

Key Features of Comcast-

  • Consistent speed
  • Excellent customer support
  • Competitive plans for businesses
  • Symmetric 1 Gbps fibre plans
  • Numerous value added services
  • No installation cost

Comcast serves reliable internet with excellent speed to the businesses in the USA. If you are looking for a strong and consistent network, Comcast is one of the best options.

#5 Century Link

Century Link offers best DSL business internet ranging from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Plans start from $ 85 per month and offer top quality speed. Century Link fibre internet offers to speed up to 940 Mbps. If your business heavily relies on great and uninterrupted speed, Century Link fibre internet is the best choice. Offices using video conferencing can rely on this company for seamless service.

Key Features of Century Link-

  • Excellent speed for downloading and HD streaming
  • Flexible month to month or 2 yearly contracts
  • Best 24/7 support
  • Compensations for downtime
  • Suitable plans for businesses of all sizes

If you need greater bandwidth with top quality consistency and support, Century Link is the best for you.

#6 Spectrum

Spectrum offers various plans including Charter Spectrum, Charter Spectrum Double Pay, and Spectrum Triple Play Silver. The plans for speed up to 100 Mbps starts from $ 44.99 per month. The best benefit of choosing Spectrum is about its terms and policies. It provides friendliest plans from the perspective of terms. Users can avoid signing contracts and enjoy excellent speed even for a customized period.

Key Features of Spectrum Plans-

  • No contracts
  • No cancellation fee upon withdrawal
  • Reliable customer service
  • Excellent speed up to 100 Mbps

With friendly policies and consistent speed with downtime compensation, Spectrum is the best choice for small start-ups and growing businesses.

#7 Viasat

Viasat brings satellite internet for wider availability of access. This makes Viasat the best high-speed internet provider for businesses located in rural areas. Even if you are operating from remote rural areas, you can get connectivity with speed. Viasat high-speed plans start at $ 175 with download speeds of 35 Mbps, 60 Mbps, and 100 Mbps.

Key Features of Viasat-

  • Satellite technology-based internet
  • Widespread speed and connectivity
  • Best for rural businesses
  • 2 years contract

Viasat plans may be a bit rigid in terms of price and data caps. However, it offers reliable speed without any latency issues in the rural regions.

#8 HughesNet

If you are looking for yet another option for rural regions, HughesNet is here. It provides satellite internet with reliable speed. The company provides 25 Mbps download speed with specific plans for businesses. It classifies plans with daytime data and anytime data. Once the data cap is reached, it continues access with reduced speed. The HughesNet plan for the businesses begins at $ 99.99 with certain terms and policies.

Key Features of HughesNet Plans-

  • Easy connectivity
  • Good for rural businesses
  • 24 months commitment
  • No installation charges

Hughesnet plans involve single time upfront costs of around 599 $ and equipment purchasing cost. These costs make it a bit expensive for small businesses. However, if you are looking for satellite internet to operate from rural on a long term basis, HughesNet is one of the available options.

Summary and Key Points:

  • Best for rural businesses – Viasat
  • Best satellite speed internet – Viasat
  • Most budget-friendly internet – Frontier
  • Fastest internet speeds – Verizon
  • Consistent high speed – Comcast
  • Great for streaming – AT&T
  • The best speed with no contract – Spectrum
  • Most friendly options for businesses – AT&T
  • Top rated customer service – AT&T
  • The best speed with competitive pricing – Comcast

We are sure this quick peek into the qualities of different small business internet providers will guide you to choose the best. Yet, we recommend checking various plans offered by the companies in details. Also, the plans and pricing are subject to change with time. Users can visit websites of the telecom company to learn their plans in details.

How to Determine Best Internet Service Provider for your Business

When it comes to selecting an ISP for business, there are many options available. But every business has unique needs and hence the concept of most suitable ISP may differ. Many factors like budget, bandwidth requirement, and location need considerations. First of all, decide on the requirements of your business.

Determine the type of speed you need and what is the maximum budget you can allot. Once you are sure about your needs, move ahead with comparative analysis of different providers and their plans. Here are the factors to consider while choosing your internet plan.

#1 Speed

The most important factor you need to consider is all about speed. When you need very high-speed internet, spend time to know multiple plans. Check the upload and download speed you will get. Also, you can get reviews from your friends.

#2 Reliability

Many plans promise high speed but reliability is very important. Check how often the speed gets disrupted. Also, check the reputation and the reviews of the company. It is better to get reviews from someone who is already using the plan.

#3 Price

Price of the plan is important. At the same time, check the additional costs you may incur. Check the installation charges and the data caps. In the case of data caps, you will be incurring an extra cost once the data cap exceeds.

#4 Installation and Support

Apart from the speed of the internet, customer support should be speedy. In the case of any issue, the ISP should be able to assist the customers well in time. Sluggish customer support is something any business would like to avoid.

#5 Contracts and Conditions

Many internet providers require contracts for fixed periods of 2 years or 1 year. Many plans are based on month to month contracts. In the case of withdrawals, the companies levy cancellation fees as well. Check the process of switching the plans if required in future. All these terms and conditions are important to consider before choosing your internet plan.

Many internet service providers for small business provide plans with contracts as well as no-contract plans. It is important to get all the details of the various plans the company is offering.

#6 Technology

If you are operating from a rural location, connectivity can be an issue. Some remote areas have few options to choose from. Choosing a satellite internet can help in getting good speed and connectivity in such cases.

#7 Data Caps

Evaluate your data usage before determining the best internet provider for small business and the plan. If your business is heavily relying on the internet, data caps can create troubles for you. Once you exceed the cap, the speed will be reduced. Hence, make sure to choose the plan that is accommodating your need for data.

High-speed internet is facilitating businesses in a huge way. However, choosing the wrong plan can impact your profitability or productivity. It is important to make sure every single before you choose the plan. A smart plan with the best suitability to your requirement will avoid regrets and hassles at a later stage.

Businesses today heavily rely on speedy communication. Small business owners need economical plans with reliable speed. Almost all the telecom companies offer specific plans designed for small businesses. However, there are always pros and cons attached to every offer. Check how well the plan is going to benefit your business. We will be coming up with more reviews on various internet providers and their latest plans. We would also love to know your experience with different plans and packages.

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