AT&T Wireless Internet (AWI) Review – 2020


AT&T offers an excellent alternative to normal wired connection. The aim is to reach all places where AT&T fixed line has not reached yet. The most common areas are rural areas, hilly terrain, unreachable sections of cities and areas which are difficult to be dug into.

With the every changing local municipality rules taking physical lines from overhead locations is not being allowed now. The companies have to dig into the earth and lay their lines, which can be very time consuming and expensive.

Best AT&T Internet Offers & Deals

The AT&T Internet offers the ease of using AT&T network anywhere in United States with the help of just 1 small device which looks like an adapter. This device runs on their wireless network just like the cell phone. A user can port number to this device and also have uninterrupted internet using the same. The back side of the device has a phone jack and a Ethernet port, using this any layman can switch on the adapter and start using the phone and  comcast business internet just the way it can be used while having a physical connection at home.

The phone calls will also consume data like browsing will. This device is also capable of WiFi connectivity so you can just plug it and have multiple devices connected to it.

What is the Cost of AT&T Internet?

The price point for this service is also not very steep. The phone line comes at $20/month and the att wireless internet starts at $50/month for 100-300 MBPS speed and 1 TB data/ month. The adapter itself can be bought or leased. If you happen to buy then it will cost $200 but if you plan to lease it then just a $10 addition in the monthly bill.

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