AT&T Business Internet Review 2020


AT&T is one of the largest internet providers in USA. It offers the best business internet plans suitable for small as well as large companies. Here is a deep peek into the plans, pricing, and services of the AT&T internet services. The reviews are based on the research of our experts and reviews gathered from various sources.

In order to understand the reviews, it is important to learn the plans and pricing on AT&T. Plans and Pricing of ATT Business Internet can be categorized into two types. Users can choose either high-speed DSL or fiber-optic service. Fiber connections offer faster download speed compared to DSL. Learn the latest plans and pricing of AT&T DSL business internet.

AT&T Business Internet Pricing for Small Business

Plans (DSL) Price per month


Internet 100 US$ 50 Up to 100 Mbps

Streaming HD Videos


Sharing files

Internet 300 US$ 70 Up to 300 Mbps for multiple users

Binge streaming


Sharing large files

Professional installation

Internet 1000 US$ 90 Starting at 1000 Mbps for connected homes

Non-stop streaming

Competitive gaming

Professional installation

Creative collaboration

AT&T Business Fiber Pricing and plan

High-speed internet Fiber plans

Price per month Download speeds
Business Internet US$ 60 25 Mbps
Business Internet US$ 85 50 Mbps
Business Internet US$ 300 500 Mbps
Business Internet US$ 500 1 GB


AT&T Business Internet Customer Service – Speed and Reliability

When it comes to getting a business internet with good speed and connectivity, AT&T business internet reviews is the best. It offers consistent speed and affordable plans for small and medium businesses. If you have small requirements, you can hire plans up to 25 or 50 Mbps. AT&T gives bigger plans for businesses with larger requirements.

AT&T offers low-cost plans for start-ups and small businesses. It offers bigger plans suitable for large corp-orates with many users. If your business relies largely on the internet including conference online calls, video conference calls, and cloud services, AT&T has best plans under the fiber-optic category.

AT&T Business Internet – Key Features and Limitations

AT&T offers many benefits with very few limitations or drawbacks.

  • Consistent and reliable speed
  • No contracts for the high-speed fiber plans
  • Unlimited data
  • Secure connections
  • High price for small businesses with limited requirements
  • Not a great option for rural businesses

The company offers fair customer support and services. Overall AT&T is a great service for any business in the country. Further, we have shown how it fairs when it comes to customer service and support.

Contracts and Conditions:

Terms of contracts or zero contracts are one of the most important factors to consider. Generally, most of the providers apply contracts of one year or two years on the plans for businesses. Fortunately, AT&T does not have any contracts on its fiber plans. Yet, the price guarantee of one year is applicable and hence this makes an attractive plan. Guaranteed price for 12 months without any contract is a great thing for the businesses.

Apart from this, the company offers 30 days trial to the new customers. If the customer feels unsatisfied with the service during the trial period, all the charges will be refunded against the return of the equipment.

If you have a DSL plan, there are cancellation fees. Fiber plans do not have any early termination fees as there is no renewal term applied. Cancellation fees are important when you are hiring for the first time and are not sure about your data usage requirements.

Customer Service and Support:

Apart from at&t business internet pricing and quality, good customer service is essential. In order to keep things running, you need to have responsive customer care. In the case of any technical fault and any other assistance, the provider‛s customer service plays an important role.

AT&T offers great guaranteed up time throughout. Customers do not suffer from downtime. You get your internet up except maintenance and unavoidable circumstances. Barring unfortunate downtime’s, AT&T offers the best connectivity in the country. However, if your business relies very heavily on internet availability, you might not consider it as your best.

As per J. D Power ratings, AT&T occupies the top place in terms of customer service and support. This means the company‛s customer feedback and customer care is strong enough for small and medium businesses. The closest competition of the company is Verizon and Comcast. Users generally compare it with these two giants while reviewing and hiring plans.

AT&T Additional Services

Apart from what customers hire, the companies offer certain value-added services to enhance the experience. This includes bundles and reward cards, and other offers.

AT&T offers voice call services and TV under certain monthly plans starting at USE 90 per month. Unlimited local and long-distance calls and TV channels are additional benefits the users can avail.

Summary on AT&T Business Internet Review

AT&T stands among the best internet for small business. Reasonably priced DSL plans and consistent speed and connectivity make it a great business internet. The customer services are fair enough and supportive. It is a good internet even for the small and new businesses that need the reliable and considerate amount of internet for business.

Under budget-friendly offers, AT&T also offers internet 25 plan that costs US$ 40 per month. If your business is located in a rural area, you can choose AT&T wireless plans for reliable connectivity. Overall, this should be the first choice for small and medium businesses looking for fairly priced and reliable internet service.

All the above reviews are based on our research subject to change with time. We request our users to get in touch directly with the company for any information. The write-up and reviews are only for information purpose and not promotional. While hiring business internet, you need to consider many factors like up-time, reliability, price, and customer services. AT&T stands among the top providers when reviewed from every different perspective.  bringing more reviews and research for various business internet plans. We would love to hear your experiences and reviews if you are using the services of AT&T.

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